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TSCI is passionate about gaining and imparting knowledge and believe that education is an investment that can be encashed anywhere in the world. We wish to help you find a career option that suits your interests and personality. Careers that you’re passionate about not only help you pay your rent, they also make you jump out of your bed every morning. Don’t be afraid to think differently if you think you’re not made to be in a conventional career!

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  • Future Prospects of Online Education in India

    Technology has become an integral part of our education system with the introduction of new-age digital platforms enhancing the academic landscape in India. Students at every level of education, from pre-K to graduate and professional levels, use one or the other means of edtech to enrich their learning abilities.

  • Difference between Tarot card and astrology

    Tarot reading is a huge part of my life, and I do believe they serve as both guidance and as caution more than prediction. Tarot card works on energy. The most beautiful thing what I like about mystical energy or divination is that whether you go for a tarot reading or astrology, psychic reading, palmistry, or any other tools it all will indicate in same direction.

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