Simplified Guide On How To Choose Macrame Cords

Simplified Guide On How To Choose Macrame Cords

Macrame Art is a hand-crafting skill that uses knots to create different designs and patterns. This art form has recently gained traction due to its versatile vibe and intriguing designs.

As a result, many people have started to learn Macrame and commence their small enterprises.

Steps for choosing correct macrame cords:

There are various colors, sizes (thickness), lengths, types (single, twisted, braided), and material (Cotton, Nylon) cords.

1. Types – Single Strand, Twisted Strand, Braided
Single Strand
One of the main benefits of a single strand cord is that it unravels quickly giving it a beautiful fringe. It is usually softer than twisted strands.

Recommended products: Tea Light Candle Holder, Wall Hangings, Macrame Feather, Car Charm, etc

Twisted Strand
Twisted strand is perfect for macrame beginners since they are easy to handle.

Recommended products: Plant hangers, Wall hangings, Mandala Mirror, and other boho artwork!

In case you plan to make a heavy product such as swing and rug go for twisted cords as they have more strength than a single strand.

2. Size – Thickness

The most commonly used strands are 3mm and 4mm. They work the best for any Macrame Product. If the products are particularly hefty, we recommend utilizing 5mm.

3. Material (Fibre)

While there are many different types of macrame cords available natural macrame cords such as Jute, Cotton, and Wool are easier to work with and are more eco-friendly.

Other synthetic fabrics, like nylon and acrylic, are also available, but they are typically utilized for larger outdoor projects and do not have the same feel as cotton dΓ©cor.

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