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Paper Quilling Art

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Paper Quilling is an art form that is entirely created from strips of paper molded into various shapes. If you are new to paper quilling or want to learn paper quilling, Whatever is your preferred style, having access to the right set of supplies and tools is extremely crucial in bringing your ideas to life.

It's important to know the basics of handling the paper and various tools that come in handy in the completion of Paper Quilling Art. Basic of Paper Quilling Art will help you with getting to know the paper Quilling tools, basic shapes (over 15 different shapes), and creation of one art in form of a greeting card during this course. I will also talk a little about the history of paper quilling, how this art can be turned into a full-fledged hobby, can help destress and develop your creative skills.


Materials needed: Plain white sheet of paper (3-4), Quilling paper strips (3mm or 5mm) - at least 4-5 different colors, Scissors, Glue (Fevicol A+ works great), Shape stencils, Quilling needle, Tweezer, Clean cloth, Scale, and Pencil and Eraser.
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Session Details

Online Live Streaming via Zoom

What will you learn?

1. Handling of paper strips and usage of Paper Quilling tools
2. Over 15 different kinds of shapes can be created with paper strips
3. Create one greeting card all by yourself under the guidance and observation of the instructor

KIT Includes

1. Notes
2. Workbooks
3. Pdfs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Justin D'souza
Wow! Had fun

I don't have much experience in creative things but this was very easy follow

Nandita Gujral
Amazing experience

I never knew how much could be done with just strips of paper. At the end of this course, my art piece looked so beautiful and it was totally worth my time and money!