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  • Graphology Advance  – Handwriting Analysis
  • Graphology Advance  – Handwriting Analysis

Graphology Advance – Handwriting Analysis

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Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting which reveals hundreds of elements of the person’s individuality and personality, which consist of understanding the subconscious mind, arousing responsiveness, brainpower, energy, uncertainties, enthusiasm, thoughts, veracity, and aptitude.

The Advance Graphology Course follows detailed deep-diving approach to the more minute specifics of any characteristic of personality, its speech, and the origins of its life. 

The most effective method for self-improvement, advanced graphology completes a detailed and unbiased portrait based on strong scientific principles, specifically directing us to maximize our ability and conquer any perceived obstacles.

Session Details

Mode of lecture: Live Streaming via ZOOM

What will you learn?

1. About Handwriting Analysis - Learn how your handwriting speaks a lot more of what your brain speaks.
2. Compatibility Assessment (Personal & Business) - Useful for checking compatibility of business and personal relationships.
3. Grapho-therapy - YOU can heal yourself with just a change in the stroke of your handwriting.
4. Personality Profiling (Self Development) - Self-discover yourself and understand your interests, your fears, your dreams, your personality, what you strive for, and your weakness.
5. Child & Family Development - Know yourself, your friends, and your family better by using handwriting analysis as your tool.
6. Recruiting - You will be able to pick the right candidate for the right job.

KIT Includes

1. 4 Lecture Notes (Pdf)
2. A Completion Certificate

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Customer Reviews

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Gunjita Yarde
Beautifully Taught

It was an amazing experience. Each details were taught precisely and all the doubts were cleared.