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  • Polymer Clay Jewelry
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry
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Polymer Clay Jewelry

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Polymer clay earrings are fun, easy, and fast to make. Make yourself a pair of these popular and trendy designs. Create custom colors and designs like modern marble, floral and different background texture, cow prints, etc

Session Details

1. 2 Live Zoom/ Google Meet Sessions
2. Post-workshop Assistance provided for 1 month
3. Whatsapp support provided for 1 month after the session

What will you learn?

1. Introduction to polymer clay and materials used
2. Patterns & Textures with things available at home
- 3 stripe technique
- 1 marble technique
3. Color Mixing
- Clay conditioning technique
- Colorful slab making technique
- Managing air bubbles
4. Cutting and Baking w/o oven
5. Joining rings/hooks/studs
6. Clay baking technique
7. Clay sanding technique

KIT Includes

1. Polymer Clay (colour - black, white, green, beige or pink)
2. Rolling Pin (kitchen one will do)
3. Butter Paper
4. Normal Cutter/knife (for slicing clay)
5. Jump rings (any color)
6. Earring hooks (any color)
7. Any shape cutter
8. Sandpaper (any grit in between 400 to 2000)

Shipping & Return Policy

It usually takes 2 - 4 business days for processing the order and 6-8 business days for delivery based on your location.

We have a easy return policy, contact us via live Whats-app chat to know he process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
chakshu maheshwari

Thankyou so much ma'am for providing us such in-depth knowledge about polymer clay n it's uses 😇

Luiza Fernandes

Workshop was very informative and clear ..Thank you👌🏼

Aishavarya Dethe

Enjoyed the class
thank you so much ma'am

Jeba Singha

It was very informative class
Tried making other product

Good work

Namagiri Mam its was very very informative and useful session for all pf us..?? Thank u sooo much??
Keep up the good work The Skill Cafe????